4 Aesthetic Treatments You Need To Prepare For Summer

With summer right around the corner, it’s time to shed those winter layers and begin preparing for endless days of sunshine. One of the key shifts we see year over year is people wanting to keep their look minimal. The hotter weather means less: clothes, makeup, time indoors, etc. Make sure you’re ready to bare it all and feel confident doing it with our 4 favorite treatments for summer preparation: Upneeq, HydraFacial, CoolSculpting, and Laser Hair Removal. 

Upneeq to Open Up Your Eyes and Brighten Your Look

If you have low-lying lids (medically known as acquired ptosis), you’ve likely looked into the why, the how, and the what to do. Look no further. Upneeq is the only FDA-approved solution for tired eyes. The unique and transformational daily eye drop lifts your upper eyelid for brighter, bigger eyes that are more open. It works by stimulating an involuntary eyelid muscle, causing it to contract and thus lift. 

It’s pain-free and effective, and the impact will wow you. See more this season, and look great doing it. With Upneeq, you won’t need makeup hacks to fake it, you’ll be living it.

HydraFacial to Rejuvenate Your Skin

Living in the Bay Area, everyone understands the importance of protecting the skin from the wind, but with the weather changing the way you took care of your skin in the winter may not translate to skin and summer. Give your skin a shot of hydration with the cult favorite, HydraFacial, for buttery-smooth skin that will have you opting to go makeup free. 

This 3-step facial exfoliates, extracts, and hydrates in only 30 minutes for an intense experience that leaves you with tangible results. Remove the dirt and debris of seasons past and reveal a fresh face without the winter layers. 

Try CoolSculpting

CoolSculpting is a popular non-invasive body contouring treatment that has been gaining popularity in recent years. It is a safe and effective alternative to liposuction that uses controlled cooling to freeze and destroy fat cells in targeted areas of the body.

The procedure involves placing a specialized applicator on the skin over the targeted area. The applicator then delivers controlled cooling to the area, which causes the fat cells to crystallize and die.

Over time, the body naturally eliminates the dead fat cells, resulting in a reduction in fat in the treated area.

CoolSculpting is FDA-approved and can be used to treat areas such as the abdomen, love handles, thighs, upper arms, and chin. The treatment is relatively painless, and most patients report only feeling a mild sensation of coldness and slight pressure during the procedure.

One of the main benefits of CoolSculpting is that it is a non-surgical and non-invasive procedure, meaning there is no downtime or recovery period required. Patients can return to their normal activities immediately after treatment. Additionally, the results of CoolSculpting are long-lasting, as the treated fat cells are permanently destroyed and eliminated from the body.

Laser Hair Removal to Go Bare Fearlessly

With summer comes bathing suit season. While we believe everyone has a bikini body regardless of size or shape, we also know when you’re groomed in your preferred way, it makes putting it all out there a bit more bearable. 

Laser Hair Removal is a tried and true method for getting rid of unwanted hair. It’s less painful than traditional methods like waxing and tweezing and less time-consuming than shaving. Don’t spend another year devoted to your razor — anywhere there’s hair, we can treat it. 

If you’re already counting the days till summer, mark the months, weeks, and days with self-care that shows. Give us a call and get a head start on all that the new season has to offer: 650.964.2200

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