Why Skinpen & FaceTite Are a Perfect Pairing 

As we age, we lose volume in our face, resulting in sagging, loose skin. While this is a perfectly normal and healthy result of aging, it can make even the most confident person feel insecure from time to time. 

Turning back the clock may not be possible, but luckily medical aesthetics has come a long way, resulting in a multitude of treatments to address aging skin and help you like what you see in the mirror. 

Two of our favorite treatments to try together are Skinpen with Autologous Conditioned Plasma and Facetite, which effectively address common concerns associated with the natural aging process — here’s how the pair perform to rejuvenate your look. 

All About Skinpen With Autologous Conditioned Plasma

Skinpen is a type of microneedling treatment that improves the appearance of the skin by stimulating collagen production for skin rejuvenation. 

Collagen is a major component of the skin’s structure, but production dissipates as we age. The main role of collagen is to provide strength and support the skin’s elasticity and hydration. As we lose collagen, skin begins to loosen and lose structure. 

Enter Autologous Conditioned Plasma. ACP, which stands for Autologous Conditioned Plasma, is often combined with microneedling treatments like Skinpen to enhance their effectiveness. ACP has a distinct reputation because of how it’s derived: blood. Your blood is drawn and spun in a centrifuge to separate the plasma, which is rich in growth factors, and injected into the skin during the Skinpen treatment. The growth factors present in ACP help accelerate the healing process, boost collagen production, and promote a more youthful appearance. 

Combined, the treatment is a knockout for its ability to precisely treat and address fine lines, wrinkles, acne scars, stretch marks, uneven texture, and hyperpigmentation, all while triggering new collagen growth. 

All About FaceTite & AccuTite

Another practice favorite, FaceTite, and AccuTite have recently gained popularity for their ability to deliver significant results with minimal invasion. Both treatments utilize radiofrequency (RF) energy to tighten and contour the face and neck areas.

Facetite is typically used for larger treatment areas, such as the lower face and neck. Using a small cannula that is inserted under the skin through tiny incisions, the device emits RF energy, which heats and tightens the underlying tissues while simultaneously suctioning out excess fat deposits.FaceTite can effectively address sagging jowls, double chin, and laxity in the lower face and neck.

AccuTite, on the other hand, addresses more delicate areas like the brows and eyelids and delivers controlled heat energy to the targeted area, tightening the skin and improving the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Both FaceTite and AccuTite provide noticeable results with minimal scarring, reduced downtime, and lower risks compared to more invasive surgical options like facelifts or neck lifts.

Their Powers Combined: FaceTite x Skinpen With ACP

Sometimes, two treatments are better than one. While Facetite primarily targets skin tightening and contouring, Skinpen with ACP focuses on improving skin texture, tone, and overall skin quality.

Together, they offer a comprehensive facial rejuvenation, addressing multiple concerns simultaneously. 

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