Fall in Love With Your Skin: Our 3 Favorite Cold Weather Treatments

As the weather shifts into colder months, our skin needs extra care. The same products and treatments used in the summer may not translate to fall and winter. Be sure you’re treating your skin with care as the temperature drops and fall in love with your skin no matter the season. 

Here are our favorite ways to prepare for the shift that will help your skin thrive: 

Medical-grade skincare

What you put on your face matters. From your cleanser to your serums, everything serves a purpose. However, not all skincare is created equal. Medical-grade skincare products are backed by science, with results-driven data backing the active ingredients. This means they have been proven safe and effective by the FDA, not to mention dermatologist-tested (we wouldn’t recommend anything we wouldn’t personally use). 

Although the prices can seem intimidating, you’ll save money in the long run by investing in products that are proven to work: Think of it as an investment in your skin. For a basic routine, we recommend a gentle cleanser, an SPF, a growth factor serum, and an intense moisturizer to battle dry skin during the cold. Still, it’s important to note there’s not a one-size-fits-all when it comes to skincare, and we’d love to help you build a routine that works for you.


Take hydration to the next level with HydraFacial®. This 30-minute treatment is a great way to intensely moisturize your skin and ensure a dewey look no matter the month. 

A three-step treatment, the HydraFacial® cleanses, exfoliates, and nourishes the skin. It can even be tailored to address your specific skin concerns like dry, dull skin that occurs during the cooler months. During the fall and winter months, we recommend adding a monthly HydraFacial® session to your routine. A HydraFacial® will help your skin retain moisture and help you avoid dull skin. 

Chemical Peels

With less moisture in the air as the temperature drops, your skin naturally dries out. Chemical peels help slough off dead, dry skin to reveal a new layer of smoother, more hydrated skin underneath. Since the skin is more sensitive towards heat and UV rays post-peel, the fall and winter months are the perfect time to give this a go. With less sunlight and weaker rays, you’ll be more protected during the recovery and healing stages.

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